Spectator Code of Conduct

We all have a responsibility to promote high standards of behaviour in the game. Star Strike Soccer is supporting The FA’s Respect programme to ensure football can be enjoyed in a safe, positive environment. Remember children’s football is a time for them to develop their technical, physical, tactical and social skills. Please bear in mind the following while spectating:

– Winning isn’t everything.

– Remember children play for FUN.

– Applaud effort and good play as well as success.

– Let the coach do their job and not confuse the children by telling them what to do.

– Encourage the children to respect all other participants.

Please note as a spectator/parent you are very important and your conduct can reflect on the way the children behave on the pitch, if you can conduct yourself in a good manner off the pitch our young footballers will follow suit on the field of play.

Enjoy the clubs !