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Star Strike Soccer can come in to your school to cover PPA for your staff. See below for available options. Free taster sessions also available.

Star Strike Soccer was formed in 1997. We are the premier coaching organisation in the North East of England. Each week 2,000 children participate in our sporting activities in local schools. There are a number of options available to your school and remember free taster sessions are available on request.

Our F.A.N.S. (Football And Numeracy Skills) course is a great activity for children of all ages and also a simple affordable option for P.P.A. cover. A class of children participate in a series of energetic football skills activities, which include; Speed Kicking, Running, Asteroids, Rat catcher, Pirates and lots more!

During the session the children will also be encouraged to solve numeracy tasks in relation to their football activities to encourage team work and problem solving. The F.A.N.S. course provides a fun mixture of football skills and numeracy tasks, all in one action packed lesson!

Free taster sessions available.

A great way to start the day. An energetic workout to suit girls and boys in a fun safe environment. A selection of ball skills which will include Dodgeball, Football, Netball and general co-ordination, speed and agility. A snack and a drink will also be provided to all participants.

Our Soccer Clubs are already a fixture in many schools in the local area. We offer a fun environment for children to learn the game they love, as well as picking up coaching skills and tips from our qualified F.A. coaches. All children receive a free medal at the end of the course. As with all our courses, we will provide all advertising and booking forms for the children.

As Director of coaching for Star Strike Soccer, I have recently completed a course to become a qualified Dodgeball instructor. This is an energetic, high octane sport which encourages throwing, catching, blocking, ducking, diving, weaving and lots more. A great way for children to gain and enhance self esteem and improve their co-ordination skills while working as a team.

Shaboom Challenge is a great way for your school to raise valuable funding for equipment, books etc.

All children during the day take three shots at a goal, all scores are recorded with our high tech speed gun. There are prizes for top shaboomers in each class. All we need is a class register and our staff will ensure everyone has a great time.

You choose your day, and three weeks before the event all children will be giving a sponsor form. When money is collected, 55% of all money is kept by your school. The remaining 45% will be used to pay coaching staff, to buy prizes and to provide a medal for every child. Shaboom Challenge is an action packed fun day and also a great fundraiser for your school.

Recent photos from Collingwood Primary School: